OrCAD Academic Program

OrCAD is committed to offering everything you need to be successful in today’s competitive job environment. The OrCAD Academic Program provides students, educators, and research clubs with a complete suite of design and analysis tools to learn, teach, and create electronic hardware.

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Free OrCAD Software for Students

You can build the skills you need for the real world or finish that school project you’re working on.

  • Prepare yourself for an exciting career in electronics design and engineering

  • Use the same tools industry leaders are using

  • Display your creativity and have fun working on personal hobby projects

Please Note:

  • OrCAD Academic Program is only available on Windows
  • Virtual machines are not supported for the Academic Program
  • We can only accept requests when provided with a valid academic email address – no personal emails will be accepted
  • Any incomplete information will result in your request being denied
  • Please complete your submission in English
  • Please allow up to 14 days from submission for your request to be completed
  • For support in completing this application please contact your local Cadence Channel Partner
  • Full list of Cadence Channel Partners https://www.orcad.com/buy/cadence-channel-partner-listing​​​​​​​

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Professional Tools for the Whole Campus

Enable entire classes and departments to train on the same tools professionals use.

  • Apply engineering theory to create real-world designs

  • Ensure your students are prepared to enter the modern workplace

  • Establish your institution as a leading educator in electronics

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Solve Tomorrow’s Challenges

Get a leg up in your next competition with industry leading technology for your club.

  • Accelerate development from prototype to production

  • Master the tools and workflows professionals use

  • Showcase your talents and get noticed by the industry 

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Universities all over the world have adopted Cadence OrCAD as their exclusive schematic, PCB and Spice simulator.